Summer Summary 2019

Summer Summary 2019

High School 1

Summer at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca has flown by and we are excited to begin sharing with you all that has happened!

High schoolers from across the nation travelled to Calhoun on Saturday, June 1 to participate in our first session of 2019. Campers piled in from around Louisiana and across the rest of the nation, including from New York, California, North Carolina, Alaska and Texas. 146 campers experienced our 100 Acres of Holy and we celebrated 13 baptisms throughout the week!

This year’s theme was Marvel, inviting campers to marvel at God’s glory and creation. We focused on His ability to do immeasurably more than we could imagine through our study of Ephesians.

Campers embarked on a spiritual journey Tuesday night to pray and reflect through Ephesians 3:14-19. The activity ended with Prayer Night in which campers gathered with their cabins to share what burdened their hearts and have their counselors pray over them. We are excited to now watch the Lord flood into these prayers.

New to camp this year and adored by students was a worship band led by multiple staff members and campers. The high schoolers’ anthem this summer was “Raise a Hallelujah.”

Out of almost two dozen options, each camper chose two electives to take daily. Electives were taught by counselors and local volunteers. Popular options included: Zumba, Flag Football, Painting with Bob Ross and Spiritual Disciplines.

Students from the Music elective worked hard to write an original song entitled “Marvel.” Campers performed it at Thursday’s Skit and Talent Night, alongside other acts like musical performances and juggling.

A highlight of the week was Hero Day, enjoyed through waterslides, giant pool floats and a game of Capture the Flag where campers worked for infinity stones.

Deeply loved by many was Sunrise Selah, as Camp Ch-Yo-Ca sat still in the field awaiting God to wake His creation.

The Shine Walk took place on Friday night to pray through Ephesians 5:1-14. Participants placed black handprints on sins they identified with, to later walk under the cross and wash their hands of the sins. Campers then entered into a field revealing the blessings of life with Christ, placing colorful handprints to signify the abundant life we are able to shine through after leaving camp.

We are immensely thankful to everyone who made this first week as successful and joyous as it was,  we thank our campers and their families for their participation, the staff for their hard work and prayer and our donors for their displayed support in our vision for discipleship. High School 1 was more beautiful than we could have asked for and glory to God for it all!

High School 2

For the first summer ever Camp Ch-Yo-Ca hosted a second high school session, allowing 103 campers to experience our 100 acres for the first time! Throughout the week countless campers were renewed in their faith and eight were baptized.

In addition to the previous week’s spiritual activities, Friday night included a blessing for each camper. During evening campfire, cabins processed down the center aisle to their counselors to be prayed over and given Scripture as encouragement.

After the Blessing we hosted a surprise Night Swim with ice cream, dancing and hundreds of glowsticks.

Our Marvel theme led to Hero Day on Wednesday, including knocker balls, Water Day and Capture the Flag.

One of the most popular additions this year was games played at lakeside each night. Both campers and counselors actively participated in the fun and competitive games.

Skit and Talent Night offered the greatest variety yet with talents of sign language, cup stacking and dance routines. The cabins that won best skits were Boys 4 and Girls 4.

Theme nights for high school camps were Decades’ Night, NASA vs. NASCAR and Hero Day. Each was celebrated with a decorated mess hall and corresponding games.

Popular electives offered were Relationships, Ultimate Frisbee and Yoga. Camp again experienced Sunrise Selah to marvel at the visibility of God’s hand in creation.

Offering two high school sessions was a gift to all involved whether because they were able to experience Camp Ch-Yo-Ca for the first time or choose to stay for two consecutive weeks. We are thankful for the beautiful moments experienced, the wonderful souls met and the outpouring of God’s guidance through it all!

Middle School 1 and 2

Our Middle School 1 session allowed us to serve 148 campers from June 16 to June 21 and Middle School 2 served 104 campers from July 14 to July 19 as they developed their own Christ-centered friendships and furthered their relationships with God. We were overwhelmed by the energy and love of the campers and excitedly gathered for six baptisms.

Campers enjoyed spiritual activities similar to the ones for high schoolers’ on Tuesday and Thursday. All involved enjoyed the time of prayer, reflection and fellowship.

The talents of our campers blew us away as makeup artists, preachers and aerial silk performers took the stage. They also enjoyed expanding their abilities in various sports and recreational activities throughout the week. Popular electives included Friendship Bracelets, Music and Cake Decorating.

Water Day was concluded with Night Swim and will be remembered by the campers’ beautiful chalk creations and epic dance party.

Each middle school camper was a blessing to their cabin and we are thankful for them to have joined us this summer! We are remaining prayerful over them as we excitedly await them to rise up as a generation for the Lord.

Junior/Day Camp Weeks 1,  2, and 3

Junior/Day Camp Weeks 1, 2 and 3  were our largest sessions ever! Breaking records with 279, 276, and 117, respectively.

Check-in for overnight campers began Sunday afternoon and day campers joined us bright and early on Monday morning. Each morning we had morning Bible, consisting of stories to demonstrate how wide, long and deep God’s love for us is. We memorized our theme verse, Ephesians 3:18, and danced to some of our favorite songs.

Campers went to new activities daily, including Monster Soccer, Boating, Archery and Dodgeball. They also had daily crafts and swim.

Talent and skit nights were fun for all watching, as both campers and counselors were actively involved with performances.

Other popular nighttime activities were Monday’s Nitty Gritty competition and Wednesday’s dodgeball tournament.

Prayer Walk was Tuesday night, allowing campers to practice prayer through praise, confession, thanks and praying for themselves and others.

Water Day included fun field games, four inflatable water slides, the infamous mud slide and games in the pavillion.

Thank you for trusting us with your little ones! We had so much fun with our campers and are excited to watch them grow into who the Lord made them to be!

Grace Week

From July 1 to July 5 we hosted Grace Week, where 109 kids ages 7-12 from surrounding cities were able to attend camp for free thanks to generous donations and the work of the House of Grace Church in Delhi, Louisiana.

Each day began and ended with campfire, used for worship, to teach Bible stories and share testimonies.

We were so excited to celebrate the 4th of July that week! After campfire we had a huge firework show followed by a dance party in the pavilion.

Campers also highly enjoyed Water Wednesday and daily swimming lessons.

Throughout the week campers played basketball, dodgeball and made crafts.

Snacks throughout the day were purchased with tokens that campers earned for good behavior or kindness.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with the House of Grace and are so excited to see how the Lord works through this program in the future! Please prayerfully consider and contact info@campchyoca.comif you are interested in helping to fund this program.


Hunting Camp

Hunting Camp wrapped up our summer with 12 campers from all over the country.

These campers took classes from the top hunters and outdoorsmen in the country covering safety and skills on hunting ducks, deer, and turkey.

They fished with cane poles, all manner of rod and reels and bows. Each receiving their fishing license. A highlight was an amazing night of bow fishing for carp and gar.

They left camp confident they had the knowledge and practice they needed to get outside this fall and enjoy nature in a safe and fun way.

Other activities included archery tournaments, skeet shoots, canoeing, camping out, swimming, and nightly games of capture the flag.


  • 1298 Campers
  • 51 Summer Staff
  • 25 Volunteers
  • 4 Countries Represented
  • 23 States Represented





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