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Big Announcement September 15, 2018

Good day and welcome to fall! This is Chrys Howard, representing the board of directors at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca. Many of you might not know that camp operates with a very active and intentional board of directors. I serve on this board as well as Korie and Willie Robertson, Howard Karbo, …

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May 2018

May 2018 Hey camp friends!!!   We are definitely on the countdown now!   We’ve had a few workdays at camp and the camp grounds are looking pretty sharp. The summer staff is hired and sitting on ready for the opening bell to ring. The Bible directors are busy preparing …

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March 2018

March 2018 Camp Chatter   Wow! It’s March already and truly camp is around the corner. Registration is open and we’re anticipating a summer full of happy campers! During the month of February, I repeatedly got out my heart shaped angel food cake pan because I wanted to add a …

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February 2018

Happy February! The first of the year blew in with cold weather including a few snow days. For us southerners, snow is a rare site. Most of us bundled up and enjoyed the white stuff while it lasted and posted our pics of snowmen, snow angels and snow ball fights. …

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January 2018

Happy New Year! January 1. New beginnings. Starting over. Out with old, in with the new.  All of these expressions define a new year and, indeed, it’s a time when most of the world recognizes the start of something new. It’s that time of the year when resolutions are made. …

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December 2017

It’s Not Camp Weather It’s not “camp weather” at camp these days. There is a chill in the air instead of the heavy heat typical to Louisiana in the summer. The familiar green leaves now form a canopy of reds, yellows, and browns. As those leaves finally lose their grip, …

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November 2017

Hello Camp Family! Fall has arrived and we’ve actually had some fall weather days!  The leaves and pine needles are falling to the ground at Ch-Yo-Ca and we’ve already hosted the Middle School Retreat.  This time of year always brings to mind our blessings, after all Thanksgiving is right around …

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