Health and Safety Plan

Ch-Yo-Ca Health and Safety Plan


  1. It’s a team effort

Ch-Yo-Ca is blessed to partner with an advisory team of Physicians and Nurses every summer. We will be closely working with our summer nurses to monitor and support each camper’s health.


  1. Best Practices

We have gathered these practices after thorough research and review of plans put together by the CDC, the Christian Camping and Conference  Association, and other top summer camps in the nation.


  1. Air Quality

We’ve installed medical-grade air filtration systems in all enclosed air-conditioned buildings.


  1. Constant Hand Sanitation Program

At Ch-Yo-Ca, we make high-percentage alcohol-based hand sanitizer available in every camper cabin and throughout camp. Additionally, our staff is trained to encourage every camper to use hand sanitizer each time they enter and exit a building. This simple system keeps camper and staff hands sanitized throughout the day.


  1. Keeping Separate

Our Nurses Hut has an isolation room for use in the unfortunate event that one or more campers contract an illness that might spread. Our nurses employ specific quarantine protocols at each of our overnight camps to ensure that illnesses are caught and contained quickly.


  1. Keep It Clean

Every cabin at Ch-Yo-Ca is rigorously cleaned daily by campers and staff according to our disinfectant protocol. This process is something we intentionally train our staff on, and one we oversee with daily checklists and accountability. Bathrooms are sanitized, floors are mopped, and surfaces disinfected. Additionally, each session change means we take the opportunity to perform a deep and intensive full camp sanitizing protocol.





  1. Staff and Camper Training

Every camper and staff at Ch-Yo-Ca is trained to keep their hands clean. For campers, we specifically cover good hygiene – including proper handwashing – during Camper orientation on the first day of their term. Additionally, our staff is trained on Ch-Yo-Ca’s policies and standards for ensuring campers are taking advantage of the handwashing stations, hand sanitizer, and clean laundry


  1. Temperature Checks

We will be utilizing infrared thermometers to scan every incoming camper for fever. If a camper is found to have an elevated temperature on arrival, they will asked to return home. If a camper is found to have a fever at camp then they will be sensitively, and lovingly guided to our Nurses Hut for further evaluation away from other campers and staff.


  1. Partnering With Parents

We know that you want the best for your child, and we want them to have the best experience possible at Ch-Yo-Ca. That’s why any parent whose child has had a fever or illness within 72 hours of their term, is asked to contact our Director to evaluate the best options for everyone’s health and safety.


  1. Prayer

Ch-Yo-Ca employs numerous layers of systems and protocols to ensure that our facilities, staff, and campers stay safe, clean, and healthy. However, the most important thing we do as an organization is spend countless hours praying in advance for every Camper and staff who walks through our gates. Our prayer is that they experience an unforgettable summer of friendships, fun, and growing in a healthy and safe environment.


  1. Lowering Health Risk

ALL participants – campers and staff – are required to monitor their temperature prior to their arrival to Ch-Yo-Ca. We’ll be partnering with families and staff to identify anyone who has had relevant exposure, symptoms, or elevated temperature. We will not be allowing anyone into Camp who is identified as posing a health risk to our campers and staff.






  1. Limiting Exposure

We will be severely limiting access of non-program participants onto our properties such as our families and vendors. Ch-Yo-Ca will be imposing even more stringent limitations on vendor access to camp. Our vendors already agree to specific route and safety procedures. We’ll be increasing our requirements to enforce social distancing and personal protective gear.


  1. Daily Checks

Staff will keep camp safe by adhering to many new protocols including enhanced sanitation, daily temperature checks, and more


  1. Constant Hand washing Protocol

As part of protocol, ALL campers and staff will wash their hands before entering the Mess Hall as well as use hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the Mess Hall


  1. No “Shared” Items

New procedures will prohibit campers from handling shared items. Our staff will distribute mealtime items so that campers are not handling each other’s plates, utensils, etc. In addition, forks and knives will be individually wrapped.


  1. Hand Touching

Staff and campers will practice social distancing such as no hand touching while saying prayers or singing, and no “high-fives”. These will be replaced with practices that support our stringent focus on health safety and sanitation.


  1. Spread Out

Throughout our program, including mealtimes, activities, and events, we are encouraging our campers and staff to ‘Spread Out’ and follow good social distancing guidelines. Thirty more tables have been added outside to encourage social distancing.


  1. Be Outside

Fresh air, sunshine, humidity, and heat are all things that we have plenty of here. We believe that kids in the outdoors can stay healthier and happier.





  1. Testing

Ch-Yo-Ca is working to secure COVID-19 testing opportunities for our staff prior to their arrival at Ch-Yo-Ca. Additionally, we will be testing any campers who present with symptoms.


  1. Rapid Response

In the event that an illness – including COVID-19 – presents at Ch-Yo-Ca, our protocol is structured to Isolate, Confirm, Respond, and Remove the impacted camper. Of course, we will be communicating closely with the campers family and handle any case with Ch-Yo-Ca love and care.


  1. Heightened Awareness

Our nursing staff will be equipped to validate essential access, facilitate temperature checks of individuals accessing our Camps, and distributing face masks and gloves when needed.


  1. Front of Mind

The best policies are those that are remembered. Therefore, we are posting signage and reminders throughout camp and facilities to ensure that campers, staff, and essential personnel are constantly reminded of our strict expectations.


  1. Enhanced Travel Program

All methods of camper and staff arrival (car, bus, or air) will be asked to follow enhanced protocols including temperature checks, masks in transit, sanitation during travel, limited exposure to the public. We’re revamping all of our drop-off and pick-up procedures to help prevent any unnecessary exposure.


  1. Activity Enhancements

We’re evaluating all of our activities and programs to determine opportunities to alter, enhance, or swap out to keep them in compliance with our many policies and protocols. Each activity will be subject to additional sanitation and hygiene protocols.


  1. Full Disclosure

We are making sure our families know that the choice to send their child to Camp is an individual and personal one. We are working with all our families to provide options for them should they choose to cancel or delay their campers term until 2021.


  1. Resting Well and Healthy

Rested campers are healthy campers, so we’re revising our programs to spread out activities and allow campers and staff to rest and recharge. While they are resting, campers and staff bunks are being configured for Head to Toe arrangements to provide additional distancing.


  1. Partnering With Our Summer Staff

Our summer staff will be provided additional guidelines and expectations to help them reduce their exposure to the public and potential COVID-19 exposure. All summer staff will spend their nights off with restricted movement within the community and will stay the night at Camp.


  1. Checking In

Beyond daily staff and camper temperature checks, our summer staff will constantly be monitoring campers and frequently asking the question “How are you feeling?”. Of course, this is Ch-Yo-Ca, so we will make it fun and friendly, but focused on health and safety!




Health Care Facilities


Family Convenience Clinic

Phone: (318) 322-9252

Address: 2933 Cypress St Unit 1,

West Monroe, LA 71291


St Francis Urgent Care

Phone: 318-998-0700

Address: 2020 Tower Dr, Suite 100

Monroe, La 71201


Family of Doctors of NELA

Phone: (318) 329-4370

Address: 1117 Cheniere Drew Rd

West Monroe, LA  71291




Camp Ch-Yo-Ca is a non-denominational Christian youth camp located in the piney woods of North Louisiana in Calhoun, near West Monroe. For over 50 years thousands of campers have come to Christ in deeper ways through their experiences at camp. It is our mission to provide a camp experience where young people can play excitedly, study intentionally, sing deliberately, and seek God wholeheartedly.

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