Health and Safety

Hello parents,

We wanted give you a quick update on how our camp staff is preparing regarding COVID-19. While the CDC indicates that children are much less susceptible to the virus, Camp Ch-Yo-Ca is committed to doing everything we can to increase our disease prevention practices to protect our campers and staff this summer.

These are a few of the recommendations we are currently using to prepare camp for the summer.

1. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has this page available with updated information. We will be monitoring this information for schools.
2. Harvard Health published this helpful overview of the disease and its spread.
3. Advice about cleaning and disinfecting your property created by the State Department of Health for schools. (Washington State schools have just recently been directly impacted by the novel Coronavirus).
4. Infectious disease control guide from Washington State
5. has a guide for managing the spread of diseases.

We are praying for those who have contracted the virus and the health care professionals treating it. We also pray with warm weather approaching we will see the rapid decline of cases.

John Luke Robertson
Executive Director
Camp Ch-Yo-Ca


Camp Ch-Yo-Ca is a non-denominational Christian youth camp located in the piney woods of North Louisiana in Calhoun, near West Monroe. For over 50 years thousands of campers have come to Christ in deeper ways through their experiences at camp. It is our mission to provide a camp experience where young people can play excitedly, study intentionally, sing deliberately, and seek God wholeheartedly.

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