Application Sessions

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the ministry of Camp Ch-Yo-Ca. For over 50 years, Camp Ch-Yo-Ca has provided a quality Christian camping experience for literally thousands of campers. Many areas of service are needed to make the camp experience great. In addition to the Camp Counselor, we will also be hiring specialty staff teams for Kitchen, Set up/Maintenance, Photography & Video, and Office & Organization. All positions will be a vital role in the Camp Ch-Yo-Ca experience and will participate in staff training.  Camp Ch-Yo-Ca is committed to hiring quality, spiritually minded staff members who will be the best influence and example to campers in whatever area you serve in. Starting pay is $200 a week. Please consider carefully your role and the spiritual impact you will have on the lives of the campers.



Discipleship is at the heart of this ministry. We make it our goal for every staff member to have a mentor. Mentors are valuable, as our goal is for everyone at camp to become a deeper disciple of Jesus Christ. While counselors are mentoring campers, counselors will have the opportunity to have regular meetings with mentors for accountability and wisdom.


The service you are providing for campers will have an impact for eternity. Campers make a decision to change their life from despair to hope, anger to peace, hatred to forgiveness and those changes change the world. We have seen campers change their families, their schools, and the trajectory of their lives because a staff member was there to provide them with the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ.


We value relationships and make every effort create a culture where everyone at camp can meet new people and deepen friendships in a loving, grace-filled environment. You will meet people at camp you will be friends with for the rest of your lives. Many people even find the person they will spend the rest of their life with, but don't let that scare you away.

Your Application Checklist

  1. Check your calendar:

    Staff Training is May 27 - 31 and is mandatory for all staff

    Sessions go from June 1 - July 26

  2. On October 1, 2018 we will begin taking application for the Summer of 2019. Thank your for considering spending your Summer at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca. The application process is really very easy to do.

  3. Follow the link which will take you to our camp registration page. Create an account if you are new to Camp Ch-Yo-Ca. If you have been a camper or past staff you should already have an account. Once you have an account select the appropriate Staff Application or Returning Staff Application. Keep in mind you are "registering for the staff application session". This may keep you from being confused by some of the wording.

  4. You may begin this process, save your work, and come back to it later to finish. Please call or text Karen Bromley at 318-348-3427, email Karen at or email John Luke at if you have any questions or problems with the process.

  5. We look forward to hearing from you!


Camp Ch-Yo-Ca is non-denominational Christian camp located in the piney woods of North Louisiana in Calhoun, near West Monroe. For over 50 years thousands of campers have come to Christ in deeper ways through their experiences at camp. It is our mission to provide a camp experience where young people can play excitedly, study intentionally, sing deliberately, and seek God wholeheartedly.

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